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Treadthrill is a virtual group training studio that hosts hundreds of on-demand treadmill, outdoor, and strength workouts you can do right from your home. These CHIIT (Choreographed HIIT) workout classes are fast, efficient, research-based, and get you to your goals QUICKLY! Oh….and they’re also so much FUN!


Treadthrill’s classes range from 20-30 minutes because  you don’t need a lot of time to see amazing results. Want a full hour sweat? Use our suggested schedules to pair two classes back to back!

There’s never a dull moment in our CHIIT (Choreographed High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, and you get new videos added weekly to make sure you’re never bored and always changing things up enough to see continued results. 
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Choreographed High Intensity Interval Training

At TreadThrill, we believe (and research shows!) music, motivation and movement paired perfectly together have the ability to transform us. It ignites our internal motivation, allowing us to push past our limits and go to places we never thought possible. Using cathartic and derivative mixes, TreadThrill brings the heat when the beat drops. Our programs consistently inspire top performance from our clients mentally, emotionally, and physically- allowing them to get fast results while the minutes fly by.
Experience the difference in our classes!


Cardio like you’ve never experienced before! Plug in your headphones, jump on the treadmill, and be motivated through incline and speed increases, and active recovery to push your limits. Farlek training has never been so fun and invigorating.


All you need are some dumbbells and you’re ready to go! You’ll find fun, engaging, and blood-pumping workouts for abs, upper/lower body, total body, and more.


Our outdoor running classes bring all of the fun, vibrancy, and challenge of a outdoor run anywhere you go! You’ll play with speed and endurance as you experience a run like you’ve never had before.


Into going at your own pace with your own tunes? We have “show and go” workouts designed to show you the moves, give you the reps, and let you fly. No matter your mood, there’s a workout for that.

But don’t just take our word for it….

Join the thousands of users who have transformed their workouts with Treadthrill.

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Treadthrill has transformed the way I think about working out. I no longer have the mindset that working out is a “chore”. Rather, each time I turn on my Treadthrill workout I view it as something I am blessed to be able to do each morning. I love this program!

James M.

Nancy is an amazing coach and her coaching style truly raises my vibes every time I run with her! Her app now has strength workouts, outdoor runs, mobility exercises, and treadmill workouts. A true one stop shop!

Rachel K.

TT is amazing. Nancy listens to her customers, and delivers what they need every time. Thank you for all of your words of wisdom and sick beats Nancy!

Sam G.

I have never enjoyed running before but this is SO FUN!!! Seriously like SO fun. It is similar to a really good spin class where as the music pumps up the teacher motivates and you move to higher pace/hills, except this is actually better in my opinion. (edited)

Tammie S.

Fantastic workouts - challenging and new EVERY week! Expect to work all muscle groups, push yourself and actually ENJOY it! I absolutely love Treadthrill and don't feel the same when I miss my workouts.

Danny P.

Nancy is absolutely amazing and knows her stuff. You get personalized coaching and advice and the community is also great! Highly recommend! You will NOT be disappointed!

Caty F.

Such an amazing experience . You can LITERALLY feel Nancy through your headphones. She pushes you, while letting you work at your own pace. I am SO EXCITED to be a part of this community.

Sophia W.

I hate running...and I’m pretty rubbish at it. But today, with Treadthrill, I ran for 25mins! The music is awesome

Tyler N.

Treadthrill has been so amazing for me!! I am someone who LOVES my strength workouts but HATES with a passion, but tread thrill has made me absolutely love it! Nancy is so encouraging, and I swear I hear "GET IT, GET IT, GET IT, GO!!" in my sleep!! oh, and the strength part of it is short, but KILLER, too!!

Hannah R.

The best workout program I have personally ever done!! I love it, and the kickass community of amazing people who empower each other everyday!! A must have for fun workouts!!!

Abbey M.

This is the most fun I’ve ever had on a treadmill, for real. The interval training will kick your butt but Nancy keeps you motivated and the music keeps you energized. The time and miles pass so fast. Hooked!

Scott L.


Here’s how Treadthrill transforms your workouts and supports you every step of the way.

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Our workouts are designed to be engaging and challenging for everyone, regardless of your fitness level. Whether your workout is indoor or outdoor, strength or cardio, choreo’d or self-guided, Treadthrill will be there to pump you up.



Your subscription grants you access to our private community where you can ask questions, connect with fellow treadthrillers, and find support. Our coaches are also always available by email to help you with any questions.



Overwhelmed by working out and don’t know where to start? Take out the guesswork and enjoy our weekly plans where we offer dynamic scheduling that includes a little bit of everything
(including recovery!).

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of workouts can I find inside TreadThrill?
Do I need any equipment?
How long do the workouts last?
I don’t know where to start! Is there a follow along schedule?


Nancy Anderson (MS Kinesiology) is passionate about helping her clients enjoy their workouts and see results FAST. She started her running journey 19 years ago and kind of hated it. Through perseverance and patience, she fell in love with running and became a marathon runner, sprinter, and seasoned run coach.

Over the years, she has taught tens of thousands of HIIT running & strength classes. Her experience ranges from bootcamp studio owner, Head Trainer at Under Armour World Headquarters, and years as a Master Trainer at fitness studios like Barry's Bootcamp. She believes running is such a valuable tool for not only physical health, but mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.

Nancy has the magic touch when it comes to helping her clients reach their fullest potential. She specializes in marrying music, movement, and motivation together to create a workout so engaging, participants have no choice but to immerse themselves completely.

She created Treadthrill to offer her users a one-stop-shop for her fun, challenging, and one of a kind choreographed HIIT workouts. She’s on a mission to show everyone that high intensity workouts are the CHIIT.